Introducing Yandex

Yandex is the largest technology company in Russia and is best known for creating the most popular search engine in the country.

The Yandex platform offers a variety of features as a platform for advertising, analytics, entertainment, and many other options.

Millions of Yandex users send emails, pay bills, select and buy products daily, which makes Yandex more than a search engine.

Top Media knows how to introduce your company to the Russian market. We can ensure the most effective growth of your business in Russia as we are familiar with all nuances of advertising on Yandex.

What makes Yandex so powerful for advertisers?

It provides audience selection based on many characteristics and user interests, supporting different ad formats:

Text ads

Ad networks

Static banners

Dynamic banners

Yandex ads are displayed not only in search results, but also across the entire Yandex Advertising Network;




Mobile apps


Smart TV apps



There is a wide range of advertising solutions for the PPC model with different budget adjustments in each ad;


Number of clicks


Number of conversions


Maximise impressions for lowest price


Decrease price for repeat impressions

Web analytics tool gives a comprehensive understanding of the online audience and drives business growth;








Click Heat Maps

We can provide your company with the following services:

Industry keyword research

Structured Yandex Ad account setup

Advertising campaign development

Campaign monitoring and optimization

Implementation of improvements, goal setting

Systematic monitoring of the results and report generation

Individual account manager’s support and consultations on various issues

Top Media – The Only Certified Yandex Partner In The Baltics

Yandex Direct certificate

The digital marketing agency Top Media is the only agency in the Baltics that has a certified Yandex specialist. Our Yandex manager Anna, by completing the Yandex Master training, became one of the 17 certified Yandex Master professionals in the world.

Top Media has been working with Yandex for over 8 years, and the experience gained in various situations allows thinking one-step ahead and achieving high results. We are currently managing advertising accounts with a monthly budget of more than 70,000 euros and this number continues to grow.

We gained approval for our professionalism by working with export companies and producing excellent results. Top Media is the right choice if you want to introduce your business in Russia and CIS markets!

Reach your target audience in Russia and CIS – Contact us!

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