Yandex Direct certificate

Did you know that Top Media is the only certified Yandex partner agency in Latvia?

This means that the agency gained approval for its professionalism by working with export companies and producing excellent results. Top Media is the right choice if you want to reach an audience in Russia and CIS!

Our services:

  • Detailed offer development;

  • Industry keyword research;

  • Structured Yandex ad account setup;

  • Advertising campaign development;

  • Campaign monitoring and optimization;

  • Implementation of improvements, goal setting;

  • Systematic monitoring of the results and report generation;

  • Individual account manager’s support and consultations on various issues.

What is Yandex?

Yandex Direct provides extensive advertising opportunities for companies, whose target audience is in the Russian and CIS markets (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan). Yandex reaches the largest audience in the countries where the content of the Internet is mainly consumed in Russian. In Russia, Yandex reaches 60-70% of searchers, while Google only 20-30%.

82 million people in Russia use Yandex every month. It confirms the truth of a statement, that Yandex is the fastest path to the Russian audience. Yandex is not just a search engine. Users can access email, weather forecast, latest news, maps and other services that are included on the platform.

Yandex Direct (just like Google AdWords) is a platform for displaying, installing and managing ads on the Yandex network.

The Yandex platform offers a variety of features as an advertising platform and as a streaming site (music and movie services), as well as an analytics platform and many other options.

Yandex search

Why choose Yandex?

The reach of extensive market

Yandex allows to reach the Russian and CIS markets. The platform provides a selection of audiences, both geographically and demographically, ensuring the effective use of the advertising budget.

Different ad formats

Both text and display ads are available. These ads are displayed not only in search results, but also across the entire Yandex network. There is a wide range of advertising solutions for the PPC model that will reach your target audience.

Simple ad insertion

Yandex Direct advertising campaign structure is simple and easy to manage. If you need to make changes that would improve the performance of advertising campaigns and achievement of results, this can be done quickly.

Clear results

Yandex Metrics is a Yandex analytics system that allows to keep track of the website’s visitors’ feeds, behavior and activities on a page, enabling to measure the return of advertising and make the necessary improvements.

Yandex offers the opportunity to reach those, who use computers as the main access to the Internet, and the audience that uses mobile devices. Be there – where your audience is!

Yandex users

Top Media – the only certified Yandex specialist in the Baltics

The digital marketing agency Top Media is the only agency in the Baltics that has a certified Yandex specialist. Last year, our Yandex manager Anna, completing the Yandex Master training, became one of the 17 certified Yandex Master professionals in the world. During the training, specialists learned a variety of ways to create advertising campaigns efficiently, adjusting the settings for each client to obtain the best result. Top Media is proud to have a specialist to be one of the best in the world, providing our clients the first-rate and most relevant solutions on the Yandex platform.

Top Media has been working with Yandex for over 8 years, and the experience gained in various situations allows thinking one-step ahead and achieving high results. We are currently managing advertising accounts with a monthly budget of more than 70,000 euros and this number continues to grow. The Top Media’s team is constantly evolving and gaining new knowledge, achieving even higher results and professionalism, so our clients can be confident – we will do our best to meet the required goals.

Reach your target audience in Russia and CIS countries today – choose Yandex!