Access to a set of integrated advertising
and analytical tools!


Access to a set of integrated advertising and analytical tools.

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Google Marketing Platform

The Google Marketing Platform was created by combining DoubleClick Advertiser Products and the Google Analytics 360 Suite into a single brand. It provides access to integrated advertising and analytics set.

Thanks to the platform, it is possible to better control the implementation of marketing strategies while gaining access to integrated customer data. Google's Marketing Platform includes many interrelated services that help plan, buy, measure and optimize digital media and customer experiences in one place.

With the Google Marketing Platform you can:

• get more control over your investment by seeing which marketing campaigns work better;

• ensure faster and smarter marketing activities;

• get a better idea of your customers by identifying the most valuable audiences, etc.

Analytics 360

A key analytics tool for exploring user behavior and assessing the effectiveness of websites and mobile applications.

• Advanced analytics reports

• Export raw data to Google BigQuery

• Integration with Google Ads and Display & Video 360

Display & Video 360

One tool for campaign planning, creative design and management, organizing and using target audiences, and measuring and optimizing campaigns.

• Thanks to many targeting options, this tool allows you to accurately target advertisers

• Automated bid management and campaign optimization

• You can accurately figure out how your budget is spent and know exactly where your ads run across all campaigns

Search Ads 360

Platform for effective campaign management in search engines. It allows fully automated CPC bid optimization.

• Integration with Google tools

• Advanced bid strategies based on many parameters

• Conversion Attribution Models

Tag Manager 360

A tool for analytic and marketing tags. It provides easy and fast tag management without editing the page's source code.

• Easily manage your tags while maintaining site secrecy and security

• Integration with Campaign Manager, which facilitates the implementation of Floodlight tags

• Managing web and app tags from one interface

Optimize 360

Suitable for site testing and personalization. Google Optimizer 360 helps you understand the benefits of your customers and determine what steps to take to improve the site. It helps to personalize the content of different audiences.

• Can be used to personalize the campaign's landing page

• Integration with Google Analytics allows you to more fully analyze the results of your experiment

• Integration with Search Ads 360 lets you personalize your campaign's landing pages or keyword groups

Data Studio 360

Data Studio 360 helps you visualize data in a solid, understandable way. With this tool it is possible to combine data, create and analyze reports in order to achieve the company's business goals.

• Integration with Google tools (including Search Ads 360, Google Analytics, BigQuery, Google Sheets) - Easily import data

• User-friendly visual reporting editor

• Easily share with other users

Surveys 360

Market research is one of the key factors in your company's development, and Google Surveys 360 is a new tool for this purpose. It is possible to create online surveys. Surveys 360 is intended for corporate use and is integrated with the Analytics 360 Suite.

• Integration with other Google tools

• Redirect polls to user groups from Google Analytics, Search Ads 360, YouTube

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Google Marketing Platform

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