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Facebook Groups - useful for businesses?

Most likely, you are also a member of at least one Facebook group. Whether it is a group - "sell or rent" or "digital marketing" or "Riga's wardrobe" - it does not matter. It is important that at certain stages of life we ​​have had the need and relevance of common information. Besides, if it is gathered in one place, it is easy to access. This information in most cases proved its worth, providing new opportunities, valuable purchases, ideas, and even business partners. But the question arises: what benefits can a Facebook group bring to its creator? We will find out in the continuation of this article.

Perhaps, you think what is the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook group?

Facebook pages have the same purpose as your Facebook profile. Respectively, it is like your business card, a profile in which to express an opinion, announce current events, and create the corporate identity of your company with the help of text, images, and videos. Facebook groups, on the other hand, are a place for discussions for people with common interests and unifying topics, bringing together fans of your community. So it's time to find out what benefits such a group can bring!

Direct connection with your customers and followers

If you asked what a loyal customer looks like and where to look for him, then we would say: "In your Facebook group"! Instead of doing something else, these people spend their time communicating, expressing their opinions, and thinking about your business. With their help, you are allowed to see your company from the side. Learn, ask for feedback and opinions, and use them to your advantage!

Building long-term relationships with customers

Fact: Customers are loyal to companies that treat them well! Inviting fans to participate in the group and communicating directly with them reflects concerns, creates invaluable loyalty and trust, taking the relationship between the customer and the product manufacturer or service provider to a new level.

Organic reach

The Facebook algorithm is designed to prioritize highly engaging Facebook group content. The more you and your group members post and share, the higher your group will be in the Facebook content stream.

Your customer support community

In situations where a customer is looking for support and help, a Facebook group may be the right place to get it. Also, there will be another customer who has had the same problem. Therefore, the information posted will be useful for everyone.

A tool for new knowledge and engagement

Facebook groups can also be used as a platform to organize online events and masterclasses for your group community to learn together. A weekly or monthly master class simultaneously promotes involvement and the attraction of new followers, as well as the acquisition of new knowledge.

Additional income stream for your business

Groups are for communication, not for sale, so publishing PROMO codes every day will not give the expected results. But there is an opportunity to earn while providing added value to your group's followers. For example, access to a group as an incentive to make a purchase or an exclusive offer only for group members. It is also a great place to share all the last-minute offers or the latest products. The main thing is to make sure that this opportunity is as valuable to the group's followers as it is to you!

So, by answering the question at the beginning of the article, and getting acquainted with the above-mentioned advantages, maybe it's time for you to create a Facebook group for your company as well?

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