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How to make an effective ad on YouTube?

YouTube is the most popular online video content platform in the world. This makes it a great place for advertisers to reach a very wide audience. Here are some valuable tips for creating an effective YouTube ad to present your business or specific product.

# 1 Define your goal

First, you need to understand what do you want to achieve with your YouTube advertisement. Do you want to get attention, sell something, or just give information? Setting a goal for your ad will help you develop a plan of action for the future. Be sure to read YouTube's advertising policies before creating your ad. Keep in mind that TrueView (a type of YouTube ad where you only pay when someone chooses to watch your ad) ads are only allowed to promote family-friendly content.

# 2 Research and define the target audience

The research will help you find out the viewer's thoughts about the content. Take a look at user comments on similar videos and channel pages. This will help you to understand what attracts the viewers more, making them watch the ad until the end. It's also helpful to use YouTube Analytics to find out which parts of the video attract the most viewers. This way, with each new ad you create, you'll be able to adapt it to your audience preferences.

# 3 Create relevant content

This tip is probably one of the most important ones. The content of the YouTube ad determines whether the viewer will watch it and take any further action. Ad text should not use general, meaningless themes that do not express anything. The ad has to grab viewers' attention in the first 5 seconds because after that they can skip the video.

Advertisements have to be short and binding. It is best to choose content with a true story. Video ads that contain only commercial content are most likely to disappoint viewers. Try intriguing the viewers to encourage them to click on the ad and watch all the video content. The main thing is NOT to emphasize the purchase of a product or service at the beginning of the advertisement. In most cases that create negative emotions in the viewers.

# 4 Select the best thumbnail

When creating a TrueView video ad, you can choose pictures either from the video frames or thumbnail images. YouTube users will see these still images before clicking on the ad. The key is to choose a frame of the video that best represents the content. The image should match the ad text and keywords. If the video shows a book, the still image must also include a related picture. As a result, a person searching for book-related content will also find this ad and is more likely to watch it. Such advertising will be much more meaningful and will give better results.

# 5 Include an indication of how the viewer should proceed

The ad must clearly state what you are offering and what the viewer's next action should be. This can be a purchase, a visit to a website or store, a donation, a questionnaire, or any other action that will help fulfil the primary purpose of the ad. Invite your audience to take action and provide feedback. Remind viewers of any of the activities possible on YouTube, such as subscribing, recording a video response, or adding comments. The more activity an ad generates, the more people will be reached.

# 6 Analyze results

With the services offered by YouTube, it is possible to analyze the effectiveness of your advertisement. If your ad has been running for some time, YouTube provides measurable and traceable viewer activity so you can analyze your ad's effectiveness and see if it’s meeting advertisement goals. If the view count is low, you can make adjustments. The views show how many people who saw your ad watched it. This also shows how engaging your video is. Shorter ads tend to be more effective, so it's a good idea to consider using shorter videos.

Advertising on YouTube

Because YouTube advertising is subject to several conditions and requires specific knowledge of both the platform and analytics, companies turn to specialists who deliver ads directly to their target audience, as well as providing accurate tracking of results and analysis of campaign data. Experts from our digital agency Top Media offer YouTube ad services at an excellent professional level.

Our digital advertising expert Niks Podosinoviks about YouTube advertising: “YouTube is now a very powerful weapon in the world of digital marketing. With YouTube Video Advertising, we can reach a very wide audience at a relatively very low cost. We only pay for a video ad when someone clicks on the ad link or watches the ad for at least 30 seconds. Our experience shows that YouTube video ads perform better and even outperform display banner ads. YouTube has a wide range of audience segmentation options. We may even show a video ad to those who haven't found us through Google Search results. The most important thing is to create an appropriate promotional video because, on the YouTube platform, we need to get the viewer interested in the first 5 seconds (until you can click Skip) so that the person continues to watch the ad and learn more about the offer.”

If your company also wants to reach more customers on the YouTube platform through effective advertising, our agency's experts will help you achieve this goal. Learn more about our YouTube service here -

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