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Your Digital Guide - What Is Yandex?

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

What is Yandex – a detailed guide to Russia’s most popular search engine.

Every day we hear about technology giants like Amazon or Facebook. Google has become synonymous with “internet search”. One might think that these and some other companies like Yahoo or Bing have absolute power in the industry.

However, they have not.

One of such companies, which is an essential part of the technology industry, is Yandex, a company established in Russia. Mostly it is known as a search engine, but Yandex introduces innovation not only in search algorithms but also in artificial intelligence, analytics, web development, and other areas.

what is yandex

The homepage of the most popular search engine in Russia

Most Yandex revenue comes from Search Ads. Essentially, companies pay Yandex to advertise their goods or services through a search engine platform. Like Google, Yandex also finds hundreds of results for your specific search term.

While most results are based on relevance, some of them are a result of paid advertising. The biggest difficulty is to balance the needs of advertisers with the search algorithm to get the best possible result for the end user.

Yandex works to deliver relevant search results by providing a positive experience for those who use this search engine. In this short guide, you will read some important facts about history and innovations that make this platform something more than just a search engine.

Some facts about the most popular search engine in Russia:

1. Since its foundation in 1997, Yandex has been working to provide Internet users with relevant and useful search results, while using various high-tech algorithms.

2. Although Yandex is still a search engine leader, like other similar companies, it offers a wide range of other products and services.

3. Since 2011, the most popular search engine in Russia is publicly registered in NASDAQ (US-registered stock exchange that markets electronic securities worldwide) and remains a popular option for those who want to invest in growing and profitable technology companies.

4. At present, this is the largest technology company in Russia, owning more than 50% of the search engine market share in this country.

5. According to the latest statistics, the Yandex website is the fourth most popular website in Russia.


Paid advertising for business

More than a search engine

This technology company is known for its range of services including search engine, artificial intelligence, and analytics. Here are three of the most interesting Yandex platform services that help companies reach their goals more effectively.

Maps API

Yandex offers a wide range of location data. Maps API (application interface) allows applications to use accurate map data for different projects. For many developers, access to these location data is essential to create a fully functional app or service.


Yandex offers data management systems for companies that work with large amounts of information. ClickHouse allows you to quickly track and organize large amounts of data that help companies make better business decisions and track important metrics.


It is a very technical algorithm used to predict large amounts of data so companies can make more effective decisions. CatBoost can rank tasks as well as provide recommendations based on the data provided. Developers specifically request this service.

The company invests in artificial intelligence and innovation to help improve all its services.

Our agency uses the Yandex advertising platform to offer customers exclusive opportunities to capture the Russian market.

If you want to use advertising opportunities in Russia, contact our team and we will find the best solutions for you.


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