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Digital Advertising (PPC)

Your ads in Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing and other major platforms.

Why advertise online?

   Placing highly targeted PPC ads in most popular websites and social media platforms enable companies to reach out specifically to their target audiences. Using advanced data analytics setup enables detailed oversight about your campaign performance and results. Another major benefit of digital advertising over traditional advertising channels is the option to only pay when the desired result - site visitors, generated leads or even completed purchase - is delivered.


Top Media agency is an official partner of Google, Facebook and Bing advertising platforms. Our experienced team of platform certified specialists is a guarantee that all latest and most effective advertising placements and targeting options will be used in your campaigns to make sure that your brand remains a step ahead of the competition.


Most popular advertising platforms

In these platforms, we run and optimize at least 100 digital advertising campaigns for our clients all over the world at any given moment.


Click to find out more about advertising in Youtube.


Click to find out more about advertising in Yandex.

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Click to find out more about advertising on Facebook and Instagram.


Advertise in Google

Advertise in Bing

Click to find out more about advertising on Google.

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Advertise in Youtube

Ads in Facebook and Instagram

All major platforms offer several advertising pricing models, however
pay-per-click or PPC model is currently the most widely used.

Advertising pricing models

Only pay when user clicks on your ad

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an ad pricing model that is unique to the online environment. It allows advertisers to invest in campaigns with an assurance that the budget will be spent only to attract an audience that has demonstrated interest in the specific product or service.

Click price depends on the competitor activity

Cost-per-click (CPC) is usually dynamic. It is determined by an automated auction mechanic in each platform and primarily (but not solely) depends on how many competitors are trying to reach out to the same target audience at that moment. To better plan your budget, you can set the upper limit you are willing to pay for 1 click.

Other payment models are available

While CPC is currently the most widely used ad pricing model, many platforms offer other options to buy your ads. A few examples are the cost for 1000 ad impressions (CPM), the cost for acquiring 1 lead (CPL), and also the cost per 1 acquired customer or sale (CPA).  Top Media works with each client to determine the best-suited model for that particular business.

Start to advertise online now!

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