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Digital Marketing

for Fintech and Finance

We provide confidence in advertising investment decisions and results.

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What problems do we solve?

Advertising financial services can be a minefield. Our experience and knowledge helps us safely and consistently deliver results you desire.


Not knowing if your ads will bring ROI

When we propose an advertising strategy, we do it based on hard data and clear insights. That is why we can guarantee an increase of conversion rates or decrease of CPA of at least 15% for all our new clients with PPC campaigns.

Suddently blocked ad accounts

Have your Google, Facebook or Bing ad accounts ever been blocked without providing a meaningful reason? How long did it take to get a real person to assist you? Top Media is an offical partner agency for most global advertising platforms, providing our clients with access to direct customer support.


Ever changing advertising regulations

Governments and global advertising platforms keep changing the rules of the game. Because we specialise in this industry, our advertising experts are are always on top of the latest changes and can provide immediate solutions.

Need for a local marketing department

Rapid business scaling comes with a need to advertise to many different markets in multiple languages, taking into account local culture and preferences. Top Media already has this know-how and expertise for most global markets, as well as trusted local partners for additional support.

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Our Services

We help Fintech and Finance companies grow exponentially by effectively using digital advertising and data analytics without breaking any rules.


Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital Advertising


Marketing Data Analytics

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Success stories

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Why work with us?

It is not easy to trust somebody with your brand and money. Here is why we believe Top Media is the right choice.

Industry specific insights and expertise

Why work with a random agency, when you can work with professionals who truly understand your business? Top Media has a proven track record in your industry and we have helped many innovative Fintech and Finance companies grow from single market to regional powerhouses. 

Certified agency and professionals

Top Media is an official partner of Google, Facebook & Bing. Every member of our team holds a valid certificate from one or more platforms. They have extensive experience running large scale digital advertising campaigns for companies from Fintech and Finance industries.

We deliver results

We know that you care about getting the maximum return on your advertising investment. So do we. Our approach is always based on data and we consistently deliver results that outperform the market by a significant margin. Don't believe it? We'll be happy to run a test campaign.

Let's grow your business together


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