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Data Analytics and 
usiness intelligence

Gain true insights about your business and make fact-based decisions.

  Online you can measure everything - with this promise began the global advance of digital marketing. And it's not a lie. However even 20 years later there are many companies that still cannot capitalize on this promise.

 That is because it is not enough to have the ability to measure.  You still need to gather the data, structure it, come up with a hypothesis, and prove or disprove it by looking for answers in huge data massives.  And in the end still make a fact-based decision that might go against what you've always felt is right.

Top Media data analytics and business intelligence solutions will let your business see and better understand the whole customer life-cycle. Our experts will create and set up your analytics account, prepare automated reports and dashboards and help with identifying useful, actionable insights from your big data. 


How can data analytics help?

All this wealth of available data has to be good for something, right?

See the whole picture

Properly set-up and used data analytics tools and interactive real-time dashboards will enable your company to follow the complete customer life-cycle and clearly see the correlation between your digital marketing activities and achieved business results. 

Know, not guess

Using data and not gut feeling to make business decisions is one of the underlying principles for having a sustainable, successful business. That is why data quality is of critical importance. Top Media data analytics solutions provide certainty about your data, reports and decisions. 

Data analytics and business intelligence solutions not only lets you see what happened in the past but also provides insights about the possible future trends. This enables you to be prepared and ready to react to any change in the market or consumer behaviour.

Be a step ahead

Our data analytics services include:

  • Audit and evaluation of the structure and set-up for any marketing data analytics tool (Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Optimize, Adobe Analytics, Firebase, Hotjar) currently used by our client. Preparation of recommendations for improvement of data quality.

  • Setup and configuration of new data analytics tools and accounts;

  • Identification of analytics goals, implementation of analytics tracking codes in websites and mobile apps;

  • Data evaluation for compliance with GDPR and other requirements;

  • Profiling of traffic flow and identification of unused traffic opportunities;

  • Connecting analytics data to various business management systems (CRM, ECM, ERP, DAM);

  • Real-time dashboard and automated report development;

  • Identification of business insights based on the analysis of gathered data.


Choose Top Media as your
Data Analytics partner!

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