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Social Media Management

Engaging content and swift replies in your social media accounts.

   Social media has long become a part of our daily life. This environment enables not only easy access to our friends, but also allows brands to reach out and engage with consumers. However doing it successfully is not an easy task. The competition for attention is strong and brands need to both come up with a content that is ever increasing in quality, and also manage to swiftly reply to any comments or messages they receive. Consumers want only the best and they want it now.

   Top Media social media management team provides regular, high quality content and timely responses in your corporate social media profiles. All content will be created and published according to a previously agreed schedule, guidelines and industry best practices. Our copywriters are fluent in English, Russian and Latvian, but through our partner network we can also manage accounts in almost any other language. 


Why Social Media matter?

Your current and future customers are there

50% of the world's population is using social media in 2020. For some, especially younger demographics, this number is much higher.  In most European countries social media penettration is around 90%. This clearly means that most of your current or potential customers are likely using these platforms to communicate, inform and entertain themselves.

Ideal platform for customer service

Social media is currently the top choice for reaching out to brands when there is a question to ask or problem to solve.  Active presence in the most popular platforms enables companies to swiftly resolve issues and avoid situations where users are discussing your product or service without brand representative being present to answer questions or concerns.

Social media can sell as well

While social media platforms where initially used by companies  just for communication and engagement purposes, the situation has rapidly evolved. Data clearly show that social media users are now actively using these platforms to make purchase decisions or even purchases themselves. Brands must adapt and utilize social media to drive sales as well.

Our Social Media Management offer

We will provide regular, high quality content in your corporate Facebook and Instagram accounts. Our basic offer includes:

  • Development of Facebook un Instagram communication plan;

  • 2-3 unique weekly posts in your Facebook account;

  • 2-3 unique weekly posts in your Instagram account;

  • Preparation of all necessary materials (photos, stories, polls);

  • Advertising (boosting) posts to your target audience ;*

  • Swift response to all received messages and comments;

  • Preparation of monthly report.

* - advertising budget has to be provided separately


We also offer Twitter un LinkedIn  account management, and creation of blog posts.

Want to let professionals manage your social media accounts?

Our client success stories

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