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Digital Marketing Strategy

Lay a strong foundation for your future digital success.

Integrated digital marketing strategy is the foundation of all digital efforts of a company. It provides certainty about why, for what purpose and with what end goal any particular marketing activity is being executed.

Top Media will prepare a digital marketing strategy that will clearly define channels, tools and messaging that will be the most effective and appropriate in helping you reach your communication and business goals.


While developing your marketing strategy proposal, our specialists will research your target markets and compare your product or service offers to those of your competitors. This will allow you to create a better positioning statement as well as identify the most appropriate marketing messaging to better engage with potential customers. 

Investing a little time and money to create a high-quality digital marketing strategy, usually leads to higher marketing campaign impact and effectiveness.

Even the best strategy won't bring the expected result if it only stays on the (e)paper. That's why Top Media includes a clear action plan with every digital marketing strategy that we prepare.

Action plan to reach your goals

Your new digital marketing strategy will include specific, best industry practice and standard-based recommendations to improve your website, marketing materials, messaging and KPI's. 

Best practice-based approach

Know your market and competitors

How will a digital strategy help my business?

Our digital marketing strategy includes:

  • Research of the client product or service, using data from both public databases and data available exclusively to Top Media as Google Export Agency. This research will show the industry trends, potential and level of competition;

  • Research of the competitor marketings strategy, including analysis of competitor creative materials and communication style. Mapping of client position against competition;

  • Analysis of regional, social, language and other aspects that affect the choice of correct marketing communication channels;

  • An overview of the industry best practices and most commonly used strategies;

  • The user experience (UX) audit of the client website and recommendations for improvement, analysis and comparison of competitor websites;

  • KPI’s defined according to the performance marketing industry standards;

  • Client marketing strategy action plan for 3 different budget options and time plan with a draft budget strategy for the selected communication channels.


Order a result-oriented, custom digital marketing strategy for your business

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