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Digital Marketing Audit

Improve your advertising campaign results and analytics data quality.

Most companies have one or more active digital marketing campaigns running on three, five or even ten platforms at any given moment. These campaigns, administered by in-house specialists or agencies, cost a lot of money. Still, only a few executives have full confidence that their money is being spent with maximum efficiency and in accordance with the best industry practices.

  Many advertisers use Google Analytics to measure and analyze the results of their digital marketing activities - traffic, leads, purchases. However Top Media experience shows that about 70% of Google Analytics accounts are set-up incompletely. They provide data that does not fully reflect the user activity and that may lead to making incorrect business decisions. 


To help you gain a better understanding about what's going on in your corporate digital advertising accounts and Google Analytics settings and reports, Top Media provides digital marketing auditing services.

   To help you gain a better understanding about what's going on in your digital advertising accounts and Google Analytics settings and reports, Top Media provides digital marketing auditing services.


How this audit will help your business?

Fact-based overview of the current situation

It can be very hard to fully understand the data and processes that drive digital advertising campaigns. Our professional analysts will do a deep-dive into your marketing data and provide independent evaluation of your current digital marketing performance.

Recommendations for rapid improvement

If your marketing campaigns or analytics set-up is not yet 100% effective, Top Media experts will prepare practical recommendations that will help to improve the results. In our practice, there are cases when even very minor changes in account or campaign configuration can lead to impressive improvements in sales and conversion rates.

Long-term guidelines for campaign management

High-quality data can provide the most value over time because then you can use it to compare current and past performance, identify trends, predict future scenarios and make good business decisions based on all of these insights.  As a result of our audits, you will gain valuable guidelines for a longterm digital advertising campaign and analytics data management. 

Digital advertising account audit

If you are not quite sure about your current digital advertising campaign effectiveness or if you need to verify if your agency partners are doing everything possible to achieve the maximum result, Top Media certified experts will do an in-depth audit of your digital advertising accounts (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads).

Our most experienced digital marketing professionals will carefully examine your campaign set-up and evaluate their adherence to industry standards, platform guidelines and set marketing and business goals.  

You will receive an audit report that will include a detailed evaluation of many campaign aspects and also a list of recommendations that will help improve your campaign results in both short and longer timeframes. 


Google Analytics account audit

Your Google Analytics account receives and stores all information about the results of your digital marketing activities. This data is crucial for making an important business decision, so the data quality must be without any doubt. To guarantee that Top Media offers a Google Analytics account audit service.

Our data analysts will research and evaluate your Google Analytics account configuration, and make sure that all necessary data from various sources are correctly received, stored and interpreted. You will receive an audit report and recommendations for improving the data quality. 


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