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Reach your audience with the most effective advertising format.

Advertise your brand on Youtube

   Youtube is the most popular online video content platform in the world used by billions of internet users across all markets and age groups. Advertisers on Youtube can choose between short and unskippable ads or longer clips that users can close. However the payment model lets advertisers only pay for complete ad views or actual clicks.


Top Media is an official partner of the Youtube parent company Google. Our certified Youtube video ad specialists will create and configure your ad account, create or adapt your video content and make sure that your ads are seen by the audience most interested in your product.

Main advantages of  Youtube

A great platform to introduce your brand to a massive audience in a budget-friendly way. 

Video - the most effective way to share information

Most internet users consistently rate video as their preferred medium to receive information. Using video advertising helps with unpacking the more complex messages or provide more detailed product or service information, which is hard to do in banner advertising. 

Show to many, pay only for the most interested

Youtube advertising pricing model lets you show your ads to a vast audience, targeting by interest or other parameters while paying only for the users who watched your clip till the end or ended up clicking on the ad. The rest of your brand exposure is free.

Good video ads are easy to share

Internet users rarely share text or display ads amongst them - it is hard to do and the content is usually not worth it. However, it is common for interesting or funny video ads to be shared publicly on social media or sent to friends on instant messaging services.

Our Youtube service includes:

  • A detailed proposal specifically for your business needs;

  • Optimal advertising budget recommendations based on the market situation and business objectives;

  • Youtube advertising campaign set-up using proprietary Top Media methodology that significantly outperforms the market;

  • Adaptation of your video assets for use on Youtube;

  • If necessary - brand new digital video ads made by our videographers or animators;

  • Campaign management and optimisation;

  • Regular result evaluation and reporting; 

  • Individual campaign manager support and consultations.


Let your brand shine on Youtube!

Our client success stories

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