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Advertise your brand on  Google platforms

Reach out to the potential customers who want to buy exactly what you are selling. 

   Google runs the most popular search engine in the world. They also manage the largest digital advertising network, extending to almost 3 million websites and mobile apps globally. By using Google Ads platform, your text, display or video ads can reach a virtually limitless amount of internet users in almost every market in the world.

Google Ads is perfectly suited for supporting your export activities. It provides access to both users who are already looking for your product or service and also allows to introduce your brand to completely new potential customers. Several of Top Media clients have managed to use Google Ads platform and our custom digital marketing strategy to grow from a small, single market company to global powerhouses with customers in over 100 markets. 

Top Media is an official Premier Google Partner and we have also been listed as Google International Growth Partner. Our certified Google Ads specialists will help with creation and set-up of your advertising account, prepare all visuals and ad copies, deliver your ads to their target audience and also carefully track, analyze and optimize your marketing campaign results. 

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High conversion probability

When somebody is using Google Search, it usually indicates that this user either already has made a purchase decision or is currently in the evaluation stage and actively looking for available options. Reaching out to these users has a high probability of conversion. 

Main advantages of Google Ads

Massive audience reach across multiple markets

Google is so popular that most advertisers will have an opportunity to reach the majority of their single or multi-market audience by using just one advertising platform. It also give you an opportunity to use an impressive combination of text, display and video ads for optimal result. 

Remarketing to convince the doubtful

If a potential customer has already interacted with your ad or even website but has yet to make a purchase, remarketing allows to repeatedly display additional information or a special offer to this user across a multitude of ad placements in Google Display Network. 

Google is an ultimate universal marketing platform, as it is used by almost all internet users at multiple touchpoints and will be suited to most marketing goals. 

Our Google Ads solution includes:

  • Detailed custom offer specifically for your needs;


  • Industry keyword research and list preparation;

  • Optimal budget recommendation according to your business goals and market situation; 

  • New Google Ads account set-up as per the latest Google recommendations; 

  • Advertising campaign set-up using proprietary methodology;

  • Preparation of effective ad copy and visual materials; 

  • Campaign maintenance and optimisation;

  • Identification of new opportunities;

  • Regular result evaluation and reporting;

  • Individual PPC account manager support and consultations.

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Start getting customers from Google right now!

Our client success stories

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