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Enhanced Conversions: A Simple Guide to Boosting Your Digital Marketing

Imagine you're hosting a dinner party. You've sent out invitations by email and received a handful of RSVPs. However, on the day of the event, more guests arrive than you expected. You're pleasantly surprised, but also a bit puzzled: how did you not know about these extra friends coming? This is where Enhanced Conversions (EC) come into the digital marketing scene. Just like with your party, EC helps you see the full picture of who's interacting with your ads and who's making purchases, even if they didn't RSVP.

enhanced conversations

What Are Enhanced Conversions?

Enhanced Conversions are a digital marketing tool that adds a layer of data to your existing conversion tracking. They're like the friend at your party who knows everyone and can tell you not only who came but also who brought a plus one. By using additional, hashed (safely encrypted) information from your customers, like email addresses or phone numbers, EC helps you understand your campaign's effectiveness better.

Why Use Enhanced Conversions?

From real-world experience, adding EC to your campaigns can increase your conversions by 6-15%. It's like if you found a way to ensure 6-15% more of your party invitations turned into actual guests. That's a significant boost, giving you a better chance to optimize your campaigns and grow your results.

The Secret Ingredient: Privacy Centric Measurement

With privacy becoming a headline topic, Enhanced Conversions are set to become a VIP guest in the marketing world. They respect your guests' privacy by encrypting their personal information, ensuring that trust is maintained while you still get to enjoy the full party.

How to Implement Enhanced Conversions

Adding Enhanced Conversions to your account can seem like preparing a gourmet dish — it might be daunting without the right recipe or some help from a chef. You'll need some technical know-how, especially when it comes to collecting and hashing customer data.

tips for efficient implementation

Tips for Efficient Implementation

1. Get Consent: Just like you'd ask for permission before sharing your guests' details, ensure you have consent to use customer data for EC.

Not sure if the page has consent mode? Contact Top Media, we will help!


2. Collaborate with Tech Teams: You might need to call in a 'caterer' — in this case, your Dev/IT team. They'll help 'prepare the meal' by setting up the necessary systems to collect data.


3. Test Everything: Before the 'party' goes live, do a trial run. Make sure the data collection and hashing are working correctly.


4. Monitor and Optimize: Keep an eye on your 'guest list' (campaign data). Use the insights to refine your 'event planning' (marketing strategies).

An example of how to add Enhanced Conversions via Google Tag Manager.

1. Check whether the data layer reads the email that users are making a purchase/lead. Ask the page developers to add it to the data layer if it does not appear.

2. Add email as a "user-provided data from your website" option in Google Tag Manager conversion tracking for Google Ads. If it is possible to obtain additional information, such as a telephone number, we recommend adding it.

3. Ensure Enhanced Conversion data collection is enabled in Google Ads.

That's it; Enhanced Conversion is installed in your Google Ads account. After 48 hours, Enhanced Conversions should read successfully.

Final Thoughts

Enhanced Conversions are your ticket to a more successful and insightful digital marketing strategy. They're like having an insider's knowledge of your own party — knowing who's coming, who enjoyed the appetizers, and who danced the night away. By implementing EC, you're not just throwing a better party; you're creating an experience that's memorable for your guests and beneficial for you.

Stay tuned for the upcoming tutorial where we'll walk you through setting up Enhanced Conversions step by step. Until then, consider how EC can make your next 'digital party' a hit!

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