Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy

Tell us about your company’s goals and values! We will develop a marketing strategy that can help achieve them and keep your corporate identity.

PPC (pay-per-click)

PPC (pay-per-click)

An efficient investment to get an immediate result by means of reaching the target audience and adaptation of communication content to it. Do you want to reach your potential customer tomorrow? Contact us today!



Be there, where a prospective customer is looking for your services! We will help you achieve the highest positions in organic search results by improving the quality of your homepage content, increasing the number of visitors and enhancing your image.

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Do you want to have a better understanding of your potential customers? It shouldn’t be a hassle! We will customize your Google Analytics account for smart data storage and create reports to track your company’s KPI.

Social media

Social media

Communicate with your audience there, where it is ready to hear you out! We will help you create educational and visually appealing content and attract audience with effective ads.

Content marketing

Content marketing

We will create trustworthy content corresponding to your goals. Do you want to establish, sell, attract attention, cause a sensation or improve your company’s image? Set the goal and we will help you to achieve it!

Email marketing

Email marketing

Email marketing is still efficient and economically sound. Having necessary knowledge and technical solutions, we will help you to use your company’s database to the fullest extent.

Website improvement

Website improvement

All roads lead to Rome… or to your homepage, if we speak about the Internet. A responsive, modern and properly designed homepage will help you keep your visitors interested, turning them into loyal customers of your company.

Our Team


Our team consists of industry leaders, who gained knowledge at international and local universities, conferences and seminars, and by means of self-teaching. The digital environment is constantly evolving. With our knowledge and experience we have implemented many creative marketing campaigns and introduced effective solutions to help our customers make great progress and stay always ahead of their competitors.

Situation and goals

To know where to direct our efforts, we should know where you are right now. So, we can invite you to our office or arrange an online meeting to get more information about your goals, needs and your business as a whole and offer you the most optimal and cost-efficient plan of cooperation.


There exist infinitely many solutions! Our objective is to offer you many solutions. Your objective is to choose among them. The range of services provided by our company allows to achieve the same objective in different ways. Find out the benefits of every solution and choose the best one.


Our favorite part of the cooperation process is when the strategy, ideas, campaigns, content and images turn into works and real digital communication, and you start getting the most out of our cooperation.


We start monitoring the results at the stage of campaign or project implementation; however project completion is the reference point at which we can evaluate our achievements to continue improving them.


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% of satisfied customers


years of experience in marketing

Facts about us

We got our first customers when Google ads, content marketing and social media were in short pants. Over the course of time, so far as the industry developed, we developed our skills. That is why we always know the latest news, have up-to-date tools and know best practices. Currently our company is one of the most powerful online marketing agencies in the region and the monthly advertising budget of our customers is a sixth-digit number. Most our customers contacted us upon the recommendations of other customers – we could achieve the results they are satisfied with.

Why choose us?

We are proactive – We will never wait for a request, question or a convenient situation. If we see any additional possibilities, we will always tell you about it.

We are efficient – Multiple solutions allow planning campaigns. Our expertise and knowledge allow determining the most efficient campaigns with respect to the quality, quantity and budget.

We are available – You can contact us at any time by phone, email, Skype or other mobile apps.

We are creative – We visit courses and workshops that help us to obtain knowledge and become more creative. We will be happy to share ideas with you too.

We are dedicated and friendly!

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Our experience

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Extra digital offer

We are proud of our experience and proficiency in working with Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yandex.Direct and Google Analytics. Try our offer today! We guarantee fast results and efficiency growth.

We can:

  • Provide an assessment of your current campaigns quality and efficiency;
  • Determine growth opportunities for your business in Google Adwords, Bing, Yandex and Facebook;
  • Inform you about your company’s cost-cutting opportunities;
  • We can agree on your business growth further objectives;
  • Guarantee results. You will achieve your goals; otherwise, we will give your money back!


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