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Writing texts that would show good SEO results and would be enjoyable for readers is not an easy job. It requires knowledge of both the target audience and the SEO. One of the most popular questions – How many keywords are needed to achieve high SEO results?


Is magic number 23?

There are various rumors about the number of magic keywords on the Internet. The fact is, there is no specific connection between the number of keywords and the number of page views. Surprise? Unlikely! Every SEO specialist has his own opinion about how often certain words should be included in the text. This does not necessarily mean that the keywords do not matter – they really do, but this is not the only determining factor for getting good results.


Number or context?

In this case, the saying goes- quality, not quantity. Search engine mechanisms have become smarter, which means they pay attention not only to the number of keywords, but also their necessity and the sense of use. It should be remembered that the context in which the word or concept is used is far more important than its frequency. Also, before you create an SEO article, remember to do keyword research. Does the word, in general, meet the specific needs? What content is found when you enter it in Google Search? How does an audience look for this keyword or term? Some of this information can be found by searching on Google itself, but Google Trends is a great tool.


Ideal amount?

Another very popular question is ‘What is the ideal length of the text?’ Also, in this case, opinions are shared. For example, what audience is this text meant for? It should be remembered that in today’s technology era, people do not like too long texts. That’s the reason that it makes no sense to spend time and resources to build 3,000-word long texts, just to improve SEO scores. By creating a high-quality, relevant and meaningful text, 300-500 words in length are enough.


What is the most important?

At the moment, the focus of digital marketing is none other than the audience. It is precisely for this reason that the main thing to focus on is a potential buyer or an already existing audience. Of course, you should not forget about keywords, but the audience needs should be set as the absolute priority. Before you prepare the content, find out:

  1. What are the wishes of the audience?

  2. What kind of content they best perceive?

  3. What content and form of communication seem to be the most engaging?

  4. Which communication channels they use?

  5. What are they looking for?

It all depends on you – how relevant you will create the content for the audience, so you will receive organic page visits.



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