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TOP 5 Digital Marketing tools for beginners

The life of a consumer in 2021 has completely transformed online which stresses the importance of successfully using digital marketing tools to boost your business. These TOP 5 free tools will suit both beginners and professionals and will provide a great amount of the company's digital marketing needs.

Google Analytics

A data analytics platform that monitors the number of website visitors, consumer behaviour on the page, as well as their source. It will help to understand whether the chosen marketing and advertising approach is effective. With Google Analytics, a company will always know which social media platforms to choose for publishing content, as well as which advertising channels bring the most returns.

Google Ads

When consumers want answers to their questions, they turn to Google. The Google Ads platform, which allows you to place ads in search results, on the banner network, as well as on Youtube, will give you the opportunity to stand out from the competition and reach a wider audience. By paying only for the actually received clicks on your ads, your business will immediately see impressive progress that can be quickly measured to tailor your campaign to even better results.

Keyword Planner

To reach more clients, you need to understand what keywords they use to search for specific products or services. With Google Keyword Planner, companies can find out which terms and phrases are searched the most in each region, what the level of competition is, and how much it will cost to use those words in ads. This information can be used further to create advertising campaigns and to optimize websites or any other content. As a result, it becomes more search-friendly for the consumer.

Facebook Ads Manager

This tool is the starting point for every company to successfully advertise on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. It helps to create ads, manage when and where they appear, and monitor the results of your company's campaigns. When you select recipients by age, gender, location, interests, and other parameters, your ads will be seen by those users who are likely to become customers.


Eye-catching visuals are an integral part of digital marketing. Canva is the most effective free tool for creating and sharing marketing visuals. It is a handy platform made for anyone to create design-appealing materials for a company's social networking publications and advertising campaigns.

We hope that these 5 tools will be useful for entering the world of digital marketing. Just remember that even the best tools will only be effective if used properly. Therefore, we recommend entrusting the creation and management of digital advertising campaigns to certified professionals - specialists of our agency. Contact @topmedialatvia and reach your target audience today!



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