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Since 2014, when Facebook took over the WhatsApp, the digital environment has changed considerably. Comes with new tools and new features. WhatsApp has also become different, and this process of change is just continuing. More recently, WhatsApp had a major addition – WhatsApp Business, the platform for business.


What is WhatsApp Business?

At the beginning of this year, a new WhatsApp Business app was launched, which will provide businesses with communication with customers. The platform allows you to create a business profile with the most important information about the company, contact information, website and other social networks.

In the beginning, this platform was available in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States. Over half a year, this list has been added by several countries – the Netherlands, India, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Belgium, and Germany. Due to the rapid development of digital marketing experts are waiting for the additions to this list.


Why WhatsApp, not a Facebook Messenger?

Although the question may arise – why do we need another platform to communicate and promote business? There is, however, a Facebook Messenger where you can post ads and get in touch with companies … The answer is quite simple – it’s not a competition issue, but the expansion of the business and, of course, giving the users options to choose from.

As it turns out, WhatsApp is a much more popular communication platform than Facebook Messenger. Every month, WhatsApp uses an average of 1,500 million users and Messenger 1,300 million users. It should be remembered that both of these apps belong to Facebook, so both are developing equally, which means the benefits to the entire company.


Everything for more convenient communication

During the summer, the platform has been enhanced and added additional facilities for even more convenient communication. Now it is possible:

  1. Request important information. If you need a purchase confirmation, invoice or other important information, you can provide your mobile number to the company on the website or in the app to send you information using WhatsApp.

  2. Chat. Now you can add a chat window to your homepage, which automatically starts a conversation with the company’s agent to develop a customer support feature.

  3. Continuous customer support. Extremely fast and convenient communication can improve continuous communication for those companies that are particularly relevant.


How does it affect digital marketing?

The modern consumer, who uses the smartphone every step of the way, has become impatient and appreciates the fastest and most convenient communication with the company’s representatives. It is precisely for this reason that platform enhancements will affect communication and encourage buyers’ trust in brands. This is no longer an official letter to the e-mail of the company ‘info’, which usually receives the pre-prepared response, which most often reads: ‘We have handed over your question to the responsible person …’ and never receive a reply.

This kind of tool is a great help not only for those who want to communicate with clients in the local market but also for those who want quick and easy communication with the audience abroad.

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