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Blocked Ad Account in Facebook, Google, Bing, or another ad platform? We've got you covered!

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

In digital marketing, there are many challenges a business must go through. One of the most annoying issues lately is dealing with ad bans. In recent years, Top Media has received more and more inquiries from prospects and clients, asking to help them with their banned ad accounts on Google and Facebook.

Unfortunately, these accounts are blocked in 80-90% of cases without an apparent reason. Often no explanation from the Ad Platform is provided, and the advertiser cannot restore those accounts.

And this can happen to anyone, even large ad accounts with an established ad-serving history...

It's a complex situation; handling it with experience by trying to reach Facebook or Google support agents can be helpful. Unfortunately, these agents might respond that the decision is final and will only restore the account if it is blocked for a valid reason. Quite often, they don't even investigate the issue that caused this. The real reason might be something as simple as using one word on your company's website that violates advertising guidelines without any having clue that it's forbidden. It can be frustrating and leave you with a natural avenue to move forward.

This is where a professional and experienced performance marketing agency dealing with such compliance issues for many years can be beneficial. It is likely that they will quickly discover the problem causing suspension or will be able to escalate the situation to higher-level support for additional review.

As a Premier Google Partner (only the top 3% of Google Partner agencies get this badge), Top Media can easily find flaws, such as forbidden wording on a website, that cause your company's ads to be blocked. And by having direct access to Google and Facebook support teams, we can get your ads up and running quickly. Important to mention that sometimes the accounts are not possible to unblock. In this case, we will help you make a new ad account with our partners so you have direct access to support, and these situations never happen again in the future.

Our agency has 14+ years of experience in the field. It has fixed ad-related issues for various clients across many industries, including heavily regulated ones like crypto, fintech, pharmaceutical, gambling, etc. It is essential to mention that some of these businesses spend hundreds or even millions on their ads every month, so they cannot afford to have them blocked for an extended period.

If you've encountered a similar situation with blocked ad accounts due to a specific issue and support agents, need to be more supportive, partnering with a successful and experienced agency like Top Media will ensure you're covered if this happens again.

Visit, drop us a message, and our professional team of certified specialists will gladly help!

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