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Clubhouse - app for entertainment or business?

It seems that all social networking enthusiasts have heard the name Clubhouse at least once in recent weeks. True, opinions are different and the overall understanding of the application varies greatly. What exactly is a Clubhouse, and can it be used as an additional tool for your business? Continue reading and find out!

Benefits of Using a Clubhouse

1. No distractions

Given that you only have to participate in this platform with your voice, there is no need to worry about the perfect visual appearance. All that matters is your voice and the added value that you bring to the particular discussion room with what you have to say. Consequently, when listening to speakers, there are fewer factors that can distract you from the conversation. This gives you an additional guarantee that what you have said will be heard.

2. Access to celebrities

It's no surprise why everyone is currently discussing Clubhouse. In another application, can you join the conversation with Elon Musk and find out from the source about his investments in cryptocurrencies? No, this is something brand new! The functionality of the application allows you to join any topic and room of your interest. Users from anywhere in the world can join and participate in discussions. Whether you relax on the couch, go for a morning run or sip a cup of coffee, the Clubhouse offers the opportunity to listen to exciting conversations with businessmen, politicians and celebrities wherever you go.

3. The right application, at the right time

Numerous cancelled, relocated, non-existent conferences due to the pandemic make people long for culture and socialization. Now that the second wave of the virus continues to pulsate, we have long been waiting for a "networking" platform such as Clubhouse. This urge also explains the rapid growth and popularity of the application.

How can Clubhouse be beneficial to your business?

Summarizing the above features, it may seem that Clubhouse is another application for entertainment. While fun is part of it, it's not the main function. That's why it's worth paying attention to some tips that may be useful for your business if you are considering activating Clubhouse.

As with all applications, Clubhouse by no means provides direct growth for the company, but, when used effectively, it can serve as a very useful tool. If you have managed to get an invitation, you can start experimenting with Clubhouse, which can connect you with interesting, like-minded people and potential customers.

The opportunity to learn from field experts

The list of chat room topics is endless and so are the speakers. However, when strategically joining rooms such as marketing, business, e-commerce and finance, the experience can be extremely rewarding. Why? Because on this platform, industry experts are happy to share their knowledge for free. Although they are simple, everyday conversations, their added value is immeasurable. As an entrepreneur, just by searching for keywords and joining the conversations, you can identify a wide range of topics that can help solve a problem or strengthen your business.

Easily to find people with the required skills

By visiting thematic chat rooms, there is an opportunity to get to know people with the knowledge and experience required for your company. There are various stories that entrepreneurs have found new employees on Clubhouse and are very happy with the result. Maybe your potential colleague is currently moderating a Clubhouse discussion.

Giving free advice gets valuable clients

You can also create your own chat rooms, whether it's a one-time experiment or repeated events, and start building a community of followers. People with an interest in this topic will definitely join and potentially go from followers to clients. Sharing information that is useful to others is very valuable. And Clubhouse is a great platform to show your professionalism in the field.

Answering the question posed at the beginning, Clubhouse covers both areas - entertainment and valuable business benefits. It is important for companies to keep up with the latest industry trends, so joining and experimenting with Clubhouse is highly recommended!

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