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Digital Marketing Audit – a shortcut to more effective campaigns

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Almost every company has at least one, but often even several active digital marketing campaigns at any time. These campaigns are executed in 3, 5 or 10 different digital media platforms. They are managed in-house or by external agency and they cost a lot of money. Yet only a few CEOs can argue that they are absolutely sure that these budgets are spent with optimal efficiency. The good news is that there is a simple way to find out – a Digital Marketing Audit service by Top Media.

You can absolutely improve every single aspect of your digital marketing efforts, however in our experience two points of focus have yielded the most impressive results for our customers, which is why we offer to audit them as a service. It is Digital Advertising Account Audit and Google Analytics Account Audit. The goal for doing these audits is simple – to use external experts (Top Media) to honestly evaluate current situation and receive clear recommendations to improve it.

The process of digital marketing audit can be compared to going to a doctor for a consultation. First you have to undergo diagnostics, and only then the doctor can offer advice on improving your health, and, if necessary, prescribe medications to cure any disease.

It has to be mentioned that a digital marketing audit can have a significand and often immediate effect on the business results. After implementing the changes recommended by our audit report, one of our clients recorded an unbelievable 4 times increase in leads generated by their website, while another managed to reduce their CPL by a very impressive 40%. All of that without spending more than before.

Digital Advertising Account Audit

All major digital advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yandex, Bing) have special Ads accounts for advertisers to manage their campaigns. Usually these are administered by your digital marketing specialist or outsourced to a digital marketing agency. It is quite easy to start advertising online, however it is very difficult to do it well. That is why company management is rarely in a position to evaluate if a digital marketing department or an agency is doing their job efficiently and according to the best industry practice.

External audit is a quick and safe way to receive an independent evaluation and recommendations for short and long term improvement. During this process our platform certified Top Media digital advertising experts will do a deep dive in your advertising account settings and campaign structure. They will evaluate how well the chosen placements, targeting parameters and messaging correspond to the set campaign objectives and current industry trends and platform guidelines.

“When doing these audits, we often see that advertising accounts have incomplete result tracking and campaign automation setup, which does not allow for correct campaign optimization. Minimal audience segmentation and incomplete use of retargeting is also a common occurrence. In Google Ads accounts many advertisers overpay for low quality keywords, while the best performers do not receive enough budget,” CEO of Media, Martins Kazemaks, reveals the most common issues identified in the digital advertising account audits.

“At a first glance, for anybody not doing this every day, it may look like everything is fine. However a deeper analysis almost always reveals opportunities for improvement.”

Google Analytics Account Audit

Your Google Analytics account is where all the digital marketing campaign performance data from your website and other data sources are being gathered and analyzed. This data helps companies make correct business decisions so it is vital that the data quality is beyond any doubt.

“Efficient data gathering that is compliant with all Google T&C’s is not always an easy task, so we see quite a wide array of issues when auditing Analytics accounts,” says Martins Kazemaks. “Often the company’s Google Analytics account is not connected to Google Ads account. Many ecommerce stores are not making full use of eCommerce Tracking. However the most common issue is incorrect result attribution. Which means that a conversion delivered by a specific advertising channel is incorrectly attributed to another due to an error in tracking setup. Because of that the best performing channels may not receive sufficient budget. In a recently made audit we discovered that a single incorrectly selected option in settings had led to a dramatic drop in online sales for our customer.”

One wrong checkbox can lead to unintended consequences.

Budget and timeline

Top Media offers to prepare an audit report for your company within 2 weeks. The cost depends on multiple factors such as the amount of advertising platforms and campaigns in use and complexity of the Google Analytics account. Companies selling online will usually have more advertising and more data than those without ecommerce component. In general, our audits start at 500 Euros.

An audit done by Top Media experts is an excellent opportunity to find out the current status of your digital marketing efforts. However it will not solve any issues by itself. For that you will have to be ready to act and implement the received recommendations.

If your company would like your digital marketing campaigns to become more effective, we invite you to contact Top Media to receive a free quote for a Digital Advertising Account Audit and/or Google Analytics Account Audit. Reach out to us:


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