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How to use Facebook Live as a business advantage?

For sure Facebook LIVE is nothing new to you. However, have you thought about how Facebook LIVE can be used as a business advantage? If not, keep reading, because we have prepared useful tips and ideas that are worth knowing!

What is Facebook Live?

Without long definitions, Facebook LIVE, as described by Facebook itself, is a fun, interactive, and effective way to communicate with your followers. And not only that, as the data shows, it's also one of the most effective ways to quickly increase the number of followers on your Facebook page.

"That it is possible?" You think.

Quite simply, because Facebook LIVE provides both 2 times more reach and 25% more engagement, which in turn likes the Facebook algorithm. Isn't it great? As well as social media statistics show, people spend more time (even three times more time) watching Facebook live than regular videos.

But how to use Facebook LIVE properly?

As everywhere, to start well in the field of Facebook LIVE, it is necessary to prepare. With what to start? Follow these steps and we guarantee you will be ready!

Before you go LIVE

# 1 Announce your LIVE by posting the event on Facebook as well as posting information on your social accounts! Here it is important to think about an attractive way or theme that will be able to address people to join!

# 2 Make sure your internet connection is at the highest level to avoid suddenly something "crashing".

# 3 Provide good lighting and sound quality. There is nothing more annoying than situations where it is impossible to hear what the speaker is saying.

LIVE time

# 1 Give context to your LIVE by introducing yourself and explaining today's program, topics that will be discussed.

# 2 Also tell them when it will be possible to ask questions or where to do it, such as in the comments section, where you will answer them at the end of the conversation.

# 3 Don't forget to address your viewers in person during LIVE. This type of approach will make participants feel valued and expected.

# 4 Also, if possible, make the conversation as interactive as possible so that everyone participates, comments, expressing their feelings and suggestions.

# 5 And most importantly, be yourself! because nothing speaks as much as a nice personality!

At the end of LIVE

# 1 At the end of LIVE, don't forget to ask participants to follow your Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, a Twitter pages

# 2 Also take your followers to the next step with a call to action, offering the opportunity to apply, for example, for a free consultation or a master class.

# 3 And finally, when you say goodbye, don't forget to announce the next live, webinar, or online event where you can apply!

You are also starting to think, "What am I going to tell at LIVE at all, and will anyone be interested in it?"

Don't worry, because here we can help with ideas that are useful for both your audience and people who are interested in useful information.

We at the TOPmedia team suggest you look at Facebook LIVE as another format. Instead of preparing research material or a blog article like this, you have the opportunity to provide people with useful information through Facebook LIVE. It's a way to introduce people to yourself and your company (so to speak, "go behind the scenes") to what a day in the company looks like, how the products are made, or what cool employees work for your company.

Also, to provide engaging information, we recommend that you discuss current topics in the community or topics related to the industry. Such topics are great for expressing your thoughts or sharing experiences that may be more useful to people than you think.

Would an interview with a well-known person or specialist in the industry during Facebook LIVE fit in? Yes, great idea! Especially by announcing it in advance on a weekly or monthly basis with current topics. One of the best ideas that provide the greatest results in audience engagement and demonstrates the company's professionalism and knowledge.

And finally product demonstration. A great way to introduce your audience to the latest products, their offerings, or terms of use through LIVE.

These are just a few ideas that we still have a lot of, but we hope you found them useful. If you are also interested in attracting new followers and customers on such platforms as Facebook or Instagram, you can find more information here - Facebook and Instagram advertising.


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