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Digital marketing strategy - the key to success online

The main goals of companies in the digital environment are usually to increase brand awareness in the chosen target audience and, of course, to promote their products or services. How to achieve them effectively and systematically?

The answer is simple - a successful digital marketing strategy!

A well-designed strategy will provide answers to the most important questions - in which markets and for which audiences the company has a priority to advertise, which are the most important competitors and how they present themselves, which advertising or marketing channels would be most effective, and how much to invest to reach your goals.

Every day, a team of Top Media professionals develop effective digital marketing strategies for their clients. We are aware of the latest market trends and marketing nuances, with extensive experience in implementing campaigns in Latvia and many world markets. And we regularly receive up-to-date data from our partners - Google, Facebook, Yandex and Bing.

Top Media's digital marketing strategy includes the following elements:

  • Market research of the customer's product or service, its potential, identification of industry trends, and level of competition using exclusive tools from Google export agency program data sources;

  • Identification of customers' position towards competitors, analysis of their marketing strategies and communication activities;

  • Finding the most appropriate communication channels, taking into account regional, social and linguistic factors;

  • Analysis and adaptation of industry best practices to customer strategy;

  • Customer website usability (UX) audit and recommendations for its improvement, as well as examples (both effective and unsuccessful) from industry competitors;

  • Determining the company's performance and performance indicators (KPIs) according to the best marketing standards;

  • Advertising budget forecasts - 3 different budget variations and expected outcomes, with the possibility to choose the desired results and investment;

  • Detailed time plan with specific activities to achieve the goals.

Entrust the creation of your digital marketing strategy to Top Media and we will find the most suitable channels, tools, communication messages and market trends to successfully achieve the desired goals and results for your company. This is our mission, duty, speciality and even passion!

Searching for more information? We have it! Contact Top Media specialists and apply for a consultation to achieve your company's goals today!



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