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5 Most Common Social Network Myths You Must Know!

We cannot deny that social networks are quite a big part not only of our personal lives but also of our company lives. Due to their rapid development, these channels have become a necessity for companies. But how not be confused by the sea of ​​different views and myths, in which at times you have to look like a magic bullet, divination of the right answers? Let's find out today by looking at some of the most common social networking myths you need to know!

# 1 It is possible to reach followers only organically!

Really? True, it is possible to simulate the results of organic reach by improving them. You can read about it in our blog article - "How to increase" organic reach "WITHOUT paid advertising?" Is that enough to implement a consistently effective digital marketing strategy when receiving new purchases or service requests? Practice shows that the answer to this question is NO! So the myth is overturned. To constantly attract new buyers and not just lie on the laurels of existing buyers, you need to invest in advertising. With the right tools, believe it or not, your advertising investment is incomparable in terms of profits.

# 2 One social networking account is enough!

When small businesses start-up in a social networking environment, one social account is quite enough for them, which is already difficult to keep active, because content creation is not at all an easy task. On the other hand, the big giants in the industry are not enough at all - they should be at all. Because you see, there are people whose favorite social account is like Instagram and others not at all used. So how to reach this potential buyer if the only platform we operate on is Facebook?

# 3 Content marketing is not that important!

If at first, it might seem that content marketing is not necessary, because advertising campaigns are systematically created that already provide real purchases and results, you need to think again. Just as a book is inconceivable without text, your social account is inconceivable without content. It serves as a tool to get to know you and your company. Otherwise, the person would end up in an account that does not have information that could build trust in the company! The most important thing here is communication. Just as meeting new people can make a good or bad impression on ourselves, social networking content gives personality to our business.


Just when you start a business, it might seem that by attracting as many people as possible to the company's website, the shiny thing we call money will automatically come into your account. It will not! Your website could have a million visits, but no results. How is this possible? The answer is quite simple and the data prove it. That is, these people who come to the website are not always your real buyer. If you look at Google Analytics data, you will see a short delay on the homepage, a high "bounce rate", only a few or no visits to your contact and offers page. So do you need TRAFFIC to increase sales?

5 # Remarketing scares away buyers!

It must be said that this is one of the most common myths that it just wants to "overturn". Everyone knows that replaying the same ad can be annoying. This myth is not unfounded, but a data-based fact that proves that the best sales results are shown by remarketing advertising campaigns. In this case, the most important thing is the art of making repeat advertising invisible to the consumer, giving the impression that it is another advertisement or a new offer that is special and only available for a limited period.

If you also want to achieve constant and real sales results with the help of targeted and data-based advertising, contact us - TopMedia specialists!



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