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How to increase "organic reach" WITHOUT paid advertising?

Perhaps you also have wondered, what kind of tools I have to use to reach a wider audience without paid advertising? In this article, you will find some useful ideas, but first, let's find out what exactly is a Facebook newsfeed algorithm.

How does the Facebook news feed algorithm work?

The location of your content at the top of a user's news feed depends on several factors - the person who posts the message, the type of message, and the engagement metrics.

Respectively, Facebook will rate your listing higher if the audience regularly interacts with the FB account. This can be news engagement, page visits, or content distribution. As far as the type of news is concerned, the news in which a wide audience will be involved in the past is valued higher. For example, if users frequently engage in video content posts, your videos will appear higher in their feeds.

So, we come to the basic question of this blog article - how to increase organic reach WITHOUT paid advertising, in the already crowded content of FB feed? This is not one of the easiest tasks, but it is also not impossible!

# 1 Choose your news content carefully

The greatest organic reach gets the news that is useful to the reader. You're thinking, "What a miracle"? However, this task is not so easy, because it is necessary to carefully think about the content published on your FB page, so that it is not only useful but also informative, engaging, up-to-date, unique, etc. Not one of the easiest tasks, right? And how do you understand what content has reached the largest audiences? Here it is important to know that the best entries on your page can also be found in the "Facebook insights" section under "posts". There you can see all your news and their organic reach results. Tip! Find the news with the highest results and bring its content to life in a new form! It can be anything - an article, infographics, research, or video material.

# 2 Encourage followers to join your news invitations

As we have already found out, the higher the engagement rate, the more the message will be visible to FB users. That is why, to increase engagement, encourage your followers to express emotions, for example with “emoji” (👍❤️🥰😆😮😔😡) or to share and comment on your message.

# 3 Attract the "real" followers of your page

Although the most common indicator is the number of followers on the page, we would like to encourage you to prefer quality over quantity, because a large number of followers will not always mean that these people care about your business and the published content. For example, if you are the owner of a small vegetarian restaurant, do not try to attract followers who are very fond of meat dishes, it would be useless.

# 4 Facebook group

If you have several followers who are actively asking questions on the same topic, then it is probably time to start thinking about creating a separate FB group to answer these questions. What will it bring? Let's imagine your potential customer - a person who is interested in the industry in which you operate. Hard to imagine, right? That's why the FB group, which brings together fans of your business - people who have the same interests, current topics or problems to share - can help!

# 5 Facebook events

How can organizing FB events help increase “organic reach”? As with news engagement, FB events encourage audience engagement. Organizing regular events can attract new audiences. Efficiency is based on value-added content. The same principle applies to Facebook LIVE.

# 6 Collaboration

Finally - collaborations. By the word collaboration, we would like to refer not only to collaborate with brands but also to opinion leaders or influencers, as well as guests and industry experts. The way these collaborations can be organized within social networks can be varied - news, videos, LIVE or events, and even podcasts. This kind of mutual tagging and dissemination of messages creates feedback and “organic reach” that will be useful for both you and your partner.

We are glad that you read the article to the end and we hope that this information will be useful for you. Find out more about our services in the SERVICES section!

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