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Advertising possibilities on Twitter

What if one platform could combine a wide range of advertising opportunities and a possibility to reach a discussion-driven audience? It's possible and the answer is Twitter! What advantages this platform has to offer? Find out in this article!

Advertising possibilities on Twitter are:

1. Image Ads

These ads show your brand, product or service with just one image or illustration. They're easy to create in the standard Twitter format while communicating the most valuable message of your business. You can like, answer and retweet these ads which increases user engagement.

2. Video Ads

The video format is the most popular tendency of today. These ads catch your audience's attention and represent the company's message in a video format. Same as image ads, this video appears in the timeline. You can use this type of ads to drive people to a website, app, or simply to communicate a call to action like visiting our store!

3. Carousel Ads

Carousels create multiple brand stories in one place. This ad gives marketers up to 6 horizontally swipeable images or videos to showcase multiple products or promotions, advance a narrative across several visuals, and highlight the most exciting features of your business.

4. Moment Ads

Moment Ads allow you to create, curate and promote a collection of Tweets to tell an immersive story that's beyond 280 characters. They're effective for stories both big and small; by including more tweets you can reach a wider audience.

5. Text Ads

Or sharing your message with all the standard elements of a Tweet, including likes, replies, favourites and retweets these ads feel more like the rest of Twitter content and allow you to expand the reach of your Tweets beyond your followers to your desired target audience. It will start a conversation and will boost your tweets reach outside of the follower bubble.

6. Twitter Audience Platform

This platform will be the most effective if the goal of your campaign is to increase website visits or trigger users to download your business app. How does it work? Twitter Audience Platform places your ads onto thousands of other platforms, which are used by the same users daily. This way you'll save time and money on creating the ads yourself.

7. Follower Ads

This type of advertising allows you to increase awareness of your business and attract new followers to your account. The main goal is to increase followers and awareness. These ads will appear in the “Who to Follow” and “Timeline” sections as “Promoted Tweets”, improving the chance of reaching your potential clients.

8. Twitter Live

In the digital environment today, content that's been filmed in a real-time setting becomes more popular. This is why Twitter offers Live Video ads. These ads will motivate users to engage and discuss participants, therefore this approach will be especially effective on this platform.

9. Timeline Takeover

This is a chance to put your business at the top of the conversation. It will appear as the first tweet of the day and the first one that users see, once they open Twitter. As users come to Twitter to find out the most popular news, this is a good way to put your business first.

10. Trend Takeover

The same goes for conquering the Trending page. Your ad will be placed along with today's trendiest and hottest topics becoming part of the conversation.

Additional advertising tools

Can you believe that the story continues and the above 10 features are not all we can take from advertising on Twitter? Yes, there are additional nuances of advertising that will increase your target audience and sales results.

  • Polls

Since Twitter users are always ready to share their opinions, they will appreciate it if you use ads to show them that you value their opinion. This will increase the desire to get involved and follow your company's activities in the future as well.

  • Unique hashtags

Before you even begin to consider advertising on Twitter, you immediately need to understand that hashtags are an extremely important nuance of the platform. By using a creative, interesting and relevant hashtag, Twitter users can use it further to find more information about what you have to offer and use it to discuss your business. And it will increase the motivation to engage.

  • Conversation Button

Twitter's direct call to action. This feature includes a dedicated button attached to your tweet and motivates users to tweet about your brand. For example, "Use #topmedialatvia and share your opinion." When you press the button, a tweet draft with the mentioned text is created automatically.

  • Branded notifications

Often users want to actively follow the information published by companies. Therefore, it is valuable to allow your clients to activate the subscription notification. Additionally, when a user posts your tweet, a third-party application (IC Group) will automatically publish an instant @mention thank you from your brand. You can also adjust the settings that your profile automatically retweets messages that mention the company. You'll be showing interest in your followers and increasing their confidence in the company. However, you should be careful with this - if there are a lot of tweets about your company, and not all tweets are positive, automatic retweeting will probably not be the right choice.

Are you still doubting if it's worth advertising on Twitter? Maybe you think that the specifics of your company do not correspond to the format of the platform? Drop us a message and Top Media marketing professionals will find the most appropriate advertising model for your company. Call or write to us, apply for a consultation and we'll be happy to help!

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