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How will the latest version of Apple iOS 14 affect Facebook's ad tracking in the future?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Perhaps, you've already heard that Apple has announced changes to iOS 14 that will further affect how we receive and process conversion events using certain business advertising tools, such as Facebook pixel.

What does Apple's new iOS 14 policy say?

Apple's new policy requires all applications that use the Apple App Store to ask users for permission to track their data in third-party apps and websites and to report data tracking activities. What does it mean? This means that Apple will begin requiring all App Store apps to display a discouraging message to iOS 14 users under their App Tracking system. Apple's policy prohibits the collection, sharing, and tracking of certain data unless the data subject's consent is obtained. As a result, Facebook will have to think of new data tracking solutions to collect data from iOS 14 devices.

What changes are expected?

When it comes to Facebook ads, it's important to pay attention to several changes. First, the auction bidding will henceforth be the only way to buy ads by creating ads for iOS 14 devices that exclude the option to reach or frequency. Second, the ability to optimize and measure Facebook campaign performance will be limited, and there'll no longer be real-time data reportings, which means campaign results can appear with a few days offset. And third, delivery and activity breakdowns, including age, gender, region, and location, will no longer be supported on iOS devices.

However, there is no cause for concern, as Facebook offers a solution to this type of data collection restriction - Facebook Aggregated Event measurement protocol - which, although limited, provides data measurement from iOS 14 devices to eight conversion events per domain.

What does it mean? And how to prepare for change?

To prepare for the changes, we, the TOPmedia team, recommend that you evaluate and understand which are your most valuable conversion events, taking into account the most successful results of advertising data so far, and set them as a priority. Is this a moment to rethink or not need to change your current advertising strategy?

Also, to prepare as recommended by the Facebook guidelines, you need to verify your domain to avoid data interference with your campaign.

Lastly, since iOS 14 device users are expected to opt-out of tracking in most cases, we encourage you to start thinking about expanding your ad campaign audiences, to continue to reach the audiences that are your true customers.

So, although at first, it might seem that the latest iOS update may negatively affect the possibilities of paid advertising, we TOP media team would like to reassure you and say that there is no reason to worry, because regardless of the changes, an experienced advertising specialist with perfect knowledge of advertising tools, will be able to recommend the right solutions to achieve higher business results.

If you also want to start creating ads on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram to address Latvian and global audiences, we invite you to choose the services of Facebook certified specialists who will help you to achieve the best sales results in a relatively short period.

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