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The perfect Facebook Ad - what does it look like?

We're all used to social media functioning as a source of entertainment. Lately, it has become the place for companies to engage in B2B and B2C marketing - to successfully place ads and reach their target audience with engaging content.

Daily, an average of 70% of users logs in to their FB account, which is 20-30% more compared to Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. That's why this is potentially the most suitable platform to place ads, reach marketing goals, and the right audience. How to do it as effectively as possible and what is the perfect Facebook Ads entry?

Our agency experts have gathered strict guidelines to follow in creating your perfect Facebook ad.

1. Get into the character of a social media consumer

To successfully reach a wider audience, you, as the person who addresses the audience, need to understand its purpose of consuming social media. Most often, platforms like Instagram or Facebook are used to escape reality and have fun. Therefore, regardless of the seriousness of the product, advertising must also address these characteristics.

2. Filtering your target audience

Once the consumer motivation is found, it's time to narrow the most appropriate target audience for your business. And Facebook is the best platform to do so. It represents the exact consumers that your advertising will reach and allows you to mark the desired search criteria. For instance:

  • Target existing customers or similar users by different parameters (lookalike audiences);

  • Target ads by location (city or country);

  • Show ad only to users of a certain age or gender;

  • Sort by interests - such as fitness, business, fashion, literature, etc.

Once the audience is established, it's time to start speaking their language.

3. Concise and thoughtful ad text

In the beginning phase, the main goal is to catch the consumer's attention. So you need to start with a clear and compelling ad headline. Research the interests of your audience and address them in a conversational language. Direct sales are immediately discarded - FB users will not be amused by such ads. Instead, use a clever phrase or some "ice-breaker" that encourages engagement.

When attention is caught, it needs to be kept. To keep the conversation going, remember that the text needs to be personalized for the reader so that he can feel an emotional connection towards your ad. Be wise, include ingenious phrases, showing that you are an industry expert to help, not sell.

4. Attractive visual

For a FB ad to be perfect, there must be a creative correlation between the visual material and the copy. They complement each other and keep the consumer's attention in the long run. Everyone knows that each user's timeline is saturated with countless pictures and videos. Think about how your Facebook ad can stand out from the crowd and motivate the user to linger at your ad instead of moving on to the next one. You will need a unique approach!

Your smoking gun is contrast - an interaction between the text and an image.

Our recommendation (!!) If the article is direct and serious, use an entertaining picture. If the text is entertaining, include straightforward, direct and abstract elements in the text. This contrast will increase the interest in your ad and encourage the user to interpret the previously read text or vice versa - the previously viewed visual.

5. Call-to-action!

Finally, it is very important to remember that you need to encourage users to take the action you need them to. Without this call, the ad will have no context or meaning. How to create it better? Communicate only ONE action in a clear and understandable way.

In a perfect FB ad, call-to-action is re-directing the user to additional content. For example, a link to the service on your company's website, to a Facebook page or to subscribe to email notifications. If you have successfully engaged and encourage interest in your ad, the user or potential customer will want to find out more.

Hooray, now you know what a perfect Facebook Ad looks like and how to create it strategically!

If you want to entrust this process to professionals, contact the Top Media team and start effectively placing your company's ads on Facebook today!

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